Natural Enviroment

By choosing Palliki for your stay, you’ll enjoy many alternative choices of the site.

The hydro-biotope of Livadi swamp, one of the most beautiful sights at Lixouri area, is lying at the bay of Livadi. This place is also on the most important biotopes in Greece. Scientists who carried out researches in the location, they found that there, is the end of about 100 creeks. The vegeration consists of starws, rushes and reeds. The birds that find shelter there, from spring to autumn, are usually herons, swans and another great variety of wild birds.

The south area of Palliki, is the most productive land of Kefalonia, which supplies with agricultural products and local varieties the whole island.

In that area, you can find special kinds of plants such as thyme, origan, savoury, lavender, rosemary etc.

The visitor can admire, also, locust trees and some other unusual trees. Plants of special importance, are those, that somebody can find at the seasides of Palliki. You may meet beach lillies and blue violets with a fine, pleasant fragrance.

If you like swimming, you can enjoy it, at a different beach every day, with clear water, like bright crystal.

The wonderful Xi beach, is a unique place in Greece, with many small hills of blue argil. Argil is a substitute well-known for the important characteristics at the pharmacy and aesthetics. As a result of this, many visitors put argil either on their bodies or their faces, while they feel very happy with this special gift, they find in plenty at this place, coming directly from the nature.

A proof of the sea’s clarity, is the existence of dolphins, seals and the famous turtles Caretta-Caretta, that lay eggs at the beaches of Lepeda and Megas Lakos.

A small stream divides the town of Lixouri in two and the two sides are connected by small bridges.

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