Meet Kefalonia

The biggest Ionian Island and the sixth in size of the Greek islands

Situated between the islands of Lefkada and Zakynthos, opposite to the Patra’s gulf. The deep blue sea, the golden beaches, the unique dreamy caves, the peculiar phenomena, the rocky sculpture and the traditional inhabiting, with the picturesqueness and nobility of the glorious past of this island, will compose the background of your holidays in the island of Kefalonia.

The inhabitants of the islands, who are more than 32.000, deal with wine-making, agriculture, fishing and tourism.

In Cephalonia there is the big mountain range of Aenos or “Great Mountain” also called.

From mount Aenos you can enjoy the fantastic, exciting view of the flat country of the island, the beautiful, picturesqueness villages and the deep blue Ionian sea.

The height of the highest peak of Mount Aenos, which is called “Mega Soros” is almost 1640m while other known peaks are “Kokkini Rahi”, “Xerakias” etc.

Rich in beautiful sites. archaeological places and historical monuments, the island will touch and impress you.

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